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W e l c o m e

 Haven Sound is the home of harmony within.  

Come journey with me back home to your heart through

the illuminating channel of sound and voice.

About Us
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M a r i a  G a u t h i e r



Hello!  My name is Maria Gauthier and I welcome you to this space of healing and peace. Haven Sound is a soul-led business of the heart that aims to inspire a gentle and powerful transformation through the power of sound medicine. 

As a lifelong musician from 9 years old, my heart let me here on this journey to share sound as a transformative modality of physical and spiritual well-being. 

Understanding the profound effects music has always had in my own life, it is an honor to curate and share space with the sacred art of sound healing, and to witness the beauty of authentic connection and community that it inspires. 

Seeing the significant change that takes place within the ripple effect of love sound offers, shows us the powerful connection it has to our physical and spiritual bodies.

When we connect to sound as a portal to the soul and body, we meet in the ether where we are held in the truth of our divinity.  It would be my great honor to share sacred space with you.


Oceans of love,


Sound To Illuminate the Soul


Sound Baths - Sound Training Workshops - Corporate Wellness

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