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"Sound is A Language of love, without words"

-H A V E N  S O U N D

M a r i a  G a u t h i e r


Haven Sound is portal of healing that aims to inspire a gentle transformation through the creation of healing music and sound medicine. As a lifelong creative and musician, my heart led me here on this journey to share sound as a transformative modality of physical and spiritual restoration. Understanding the profound effects music has always had in my own life, I feel as though it is my purpose to be offering music in such a sacred and intentional way. Being a witness to the beauty of authentic connection, community, and transformational change that sound healing inspires, has deepened my love and purpose for this work.  The ripple effects of love remind us that we are vibrational and interconnected beings of light, and that we have the tools to be our own healers. This sacred space that is created in sound, is the gateway to remembering the essence of who we are. Inspiring hope, healing hearts, opening doors to our souls; sound is a language all in its own. Creating immersive music for healing and restoration, is my language of love. 


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